5 TRUE Hunting Horror Stories of Monsters and Killers

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Hunting Season is coming, but real monsters will make you their prey in the forest.

Going into the woods with your hunting rifle, hunting gear while on a hunting trip, you don’t think the worst could happen. Well, the moment you step foot in the forest, into that haunted forest, you have become prey. Wild animals, dangerous animals, and real monsters have your scent and they will be stalking you through and through until they’re ready to pounce. To really show you, I’ve gathered these 5 TRUE Stories of Shocking Hunting Encounters that will make you fear the mountain monsters that lie in wait. These scary stories and ghost stories will make you stay at home curled up under a blanket. Enjoy these short stories.

5 TRUE Hunting Horror Stories of Monsters and Killers

– Monster in the Woods by Jody and Marco
– Lake Creature by Felix M.
– Creature in the Bayou / Monster of Boggy Creek by 2020grad
– Killer Cabin by Corn
– Our Family Monster by Katany Cat Puff

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Emily Middleton. 5 TRUE Hunting Horror Stories of Monsters and Killers by Submitters.

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