5 TRUE Hospital Ghost Stories

Like haunted houses, there can even be haunted hospitals when these places of healing are filled with supernatural evil spirits, real ghosts, and scary demons.

Are you ready for some ghost stories that will make you GLAD if you live in a haunted house? Yes, these are haunted hospitals and they are real ghost stories unlike any other. You shouldn’t be surprised that real hauntings can occur in hospitals. People dial 911 when they’re in need and are often rushed in ambulances only to die in their hospital bed. There will be ghost children, demon possession or demonic hauntings, and evil spirits. So, come on in and let me share 5 TRUE Hospital Horror Stories with you. Enjoy!

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Top 5 Haunted Hospital True Scary Stories
– Hospital Paranormal Witness by Setphanie
– Hospital Ghost or Spirit by Earth Cake
– Haunted Hospital by HauntedByGhosts
– Crazy People and Psychos at the Psych Ward by YamsDev
– Trapped in a Haunted Psych Ward by Sofie

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