5 TRUE Hiking Horror Stories

Let’s go into the woods for a little hike where the real monsters, real ghosts and skinwalkers live. Are you ready to trek into the forest?

As I’m sure you know by now, stepping foot into the forest, let alone a haunted forest, could be the worst mistake of your life. Tonight, I will share with you 5 TRUE Hiking Horror Stories and Scary Encounters with real monsters, such as a supposed bigfoot, skinwalkers or wendigos, and even a cannibal. So, prepare your hiking gear and camping gear, we are about to live these ghost stories. Let’s get into the forest and see what kind of haunted trails we can find. Enjoy!

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Top 6 Forest Monsters and Woods Encounters while Hiking
– Strange Creature into the Woods by Alan
– Cannibal Encounter in the Forest
– Real Troll Sighting on the Mountain top by Sander
– Skinwalker Encounter by Back woods man 78
– Psycho Strangers on the Hiking Trail by Halmond
– Creature or Wendigo Sighting in the Yukon by Sailor Man

Top 6 Scariest Hiking Encounters and Ghost Stories are horror stories from subscribers.
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