5 TRUE in the Forest Scary Stories

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Don’t Go Into The Woods . . .

This World is a Strange One.

The Forest is a terrifying place – There are real horrors abound. From real monsters to real ghosts, there are true stories of terror of those who have had been lost in the woods and forests of this vast planet. For those in the city, consider yourselves lucky to be away from the horrors that call the forest their home. As for those that journey into the woods every day? Well, pray that the real monsters, weird animals, and other inhabitants of the haunted forest stay away. Because sometimes, people mysteriously disappear and folks are killed in strange animal attacks. Who’s to say that you won’t end up as the next victim? So, don’t go into the woods – The forest is a horror filled place. Enjoy!

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The Devil of Bear Swamp

Camping in the Pine Barrens

Possible Jersey Devil Sighting

Till Next Time

A Lesson in Psychosis

80 Acres

Better Late Than Never


5 TRUE in the Forest Scary Stories
– The Bel Air Creature
– Shrieking Wendigo
– I Feel Watched by Monsters
– The White Flowers
– Beast in the Broom Sage

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 TRUE in the Forest Scary Stories by Submitters.

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