5 TRUE Creepy Night Shift Stories with Shivers

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What’s worse than working alone? Working alone at night . . .

This world is a strange one.

The night shift is a terrifying thing – Trying to focus on work while the absence of coworkers to keep you sane drives you to fear. Not to mention the darkness closes in as the night only gets deeper. Only the bravest – or unluckiest – souls endure the night shift. After hearing these stories, though, you night shift workers out there will be clocking out early and running for the hills. I present to you 5 TRUE Creepy Night Shift Stories featuring our dear friend Shivers. Are you ready for the night shift?


5 TRUE Creepy Night Shift Stories –

– The Trainee by CDC
– The 10th Floor by DoctorClitortoise
– A Night on Patrol by SB_NP
– My Horrible Night Shift Experience by ghostwriter10
– Working After Hours by shy_fox

All music by Kevin MacLeod. All images copyright of their respective owners. True Scary Night Shift Stories by respective authors.

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