As it warms up to spring 2017, you might find yourself drawn to go for a hike, go camping, or go for a nice fish. But, in the forest, strange creatures, evil spirits, and crazy stalkers await!

Spring is the perfect time to head outdoors into the woods to see the sights and have a good time. You strap into your Gore Tex and head out. Then, you and your friends gather around to tell campfire stories and real ghost stories. But, while you’re feeling the creeps, the dogman, real werewolves, real wendigo from Until Dawn, and other real monsters come out of the forest. Soon, you realize that the woods turn into the suicide forest for those who dare venture into it. Get ready for skinwalkers, aliens and other dangerous animals in these 5 allegedly true stories of creepy camping! Enjoy!

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Top 5 Haunted Places in Canada and Real Ghost Stories are horror stories from Subscribers!
– Candian Beast into the Woods by Felix McGee
– Near Alien Abduction or Pale Monster Encounters by carflo
– Dangerous Animal Hidden in the Brush by Tyler
– Real Werewolf or Real Dogman Animal Attack by Darth Exodus
– Crazy Stalker or Scary Strangers by Joe Williams

Top 5 Real Ghost Stories from Haunted Forests while Camping are scary stories from subscribers.
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