5 Scary CLOWN Attacks

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A True American Horror Story – Attack of the Killer Clowns!

The nation is in an uproar this creepy Halloween season as clowns are appearing all over, stalking, attacking, and maybe even killing. These scary clowns seemingly came out of nowhere, but are now the cause of hundreds of true scary stories and ghost stories all over the country. These real monsters may just be pranksters performing pranks gone wrong, or maybe they are serial killers looking for a victim. And sometimes, they are supernatural and paranormal entities that want nothing more than to torture us. Tonight, I will share with you 5 REAL Clown Attacks. Buckle up and hide the face paint, these clowns are more than just halloween costumes – they are horror stories waiting to happen – True stories ready to break in to your home. Enjoy!

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5 Real Clown Attacks

– A Clown in the Theater by Gillian
– Creepy Clowns Prank gone wrong by Themorrisonator
– Closet Clown and almost kidnapped by Treyvon
– Jack Frost the Ghost Clown by CHk_5
– Clown Stalker by Jack

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Emily Middleton. 5 True Stories of Killer Clowns And Scary Clowns
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