5 REAL Witch Encounters

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If you thought the Blair Witch was scary, think again. These 5 True Ghost Stories feature true encounters with real witches using curses to harm and trick people.

Are you ready for real ghost stories? True scary stories? Witches and demons? Here are 5 Real Witch Encounters that will have you questioning all the creepy, suspicious women you come across. In this video, the term witch refers to users of black magic, witch craft, curses and hexes to get their way. There will be voodoo, scary magic tricks, psychics, and bizarre witch attacks. So settle in – It’s going to be a scary night full of supernatural horror stories and even a bit of demon attacks and demon possession.

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Top 5 True Encounters with Real Witches
– Hospital Paranormal Witness by Setphanie
– Hospital Ghost or Spirit by Earth Cake
– Haunted Hospital by HauntedByGhosts
– Crazy People and Psychos at the Psych Ward by YamsDev
– Trapped in a Haunted Psych Ward by Sofie

Top 5 Real Witches Encounters are horror stories from subscribers.
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