5 REAL Werewolf Attacks

Watch out for the Starving Wolves . . .

This World is a Strange One.

The werewolf may be the most terrifying real monster out there. Yes, real. Tonight, I share with you 5 REAL Werewolf Attacks by submitters that will have you weary of the full moon. In these werewolf stories, you will see attacks and chases by these beasts that seem too close for comfort. Whether you’re out in the woods or cozy in your home, it seems there is nowhere to hide if one of these real monsters decides to attack. Enjoy these Werewolf Attacks Stories.

5 REAL Werewolf Attacks Stories –
– Real Werewolf at the Door
– Horrific Werewolf Sighting
– Werewolf in the Fields
– Werewolf Attack
– Nearly Bitten by a Werewolf

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 REAL Werewolf Attacks by Submitters.

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