5 REAL Wendigo Encounters

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The Wendigo is Hungry . . .


This world is a Strange One.

The legend of the Wendigo is a truly scary story – But, did you know it’s quite a true scary story as well? Well, tonight’s true ghost stories are a set of creepy creature sightings of the Wendigo. The wendigo comes in many creepy creature shapes and sizes. You’ll soon learn that, no matter the size, this creepy creature is a menacing, ravenous beast. Here are 5 REAL Wendigo Encounters. Just try to survive the night.

5 REAL Wendigo Encounters Stories –

– Wendigo on the Mountain by VStar
– Real Wendigo Encounter by John J.
– Wendigo at the Window by BlueGreen
– Wendigo at the Cabin by Fuchsia
– Real Wendigo Sighting in the Woods by Skyler B.

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 REAL Wendigo Encounters by Submitters.

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