5 REAL Skinwalkers Scary Stories

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Skinwalkers may be Mythical Creatures, but they are REAL Monsters.

Skinwalkers or skin walkers (however you spell it) are mythical creatures that were indian warlocks who shifted themselves into the forms of monsters and beasts. But tonights 5 REAL Skinwalkers Scary Stories and Ghost Stories will prove to you that they are real dangerous animals, not just strange creatures and strange animals. These cryptids are here to hunt us down, to torment us. Those who escape alive come back with the scariest true stories and scary stories we’ve ever heard. Here are some not so creepypasta stories from our brave subscribers about Skinwalkers and Scary Animal Attacks. Beware, the short stories pack a creepy punch.

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Thumbnail “Animatronic Wolf Puppet created by Creature Effects, Inc. for the feature film 300” by Monsterteeth and used here under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0

5 REAL Skinwalkers Scary Stories
– Skinwalker in Big Bear by Flame Daisy
– Whatever it was, It Follows Me by Nodo Bird
– Skinwalker into the Forest / in the woods by Cole
– Monster or Demon at the Door by Nathaniel_Olive
– I Wish it was a Bear Creature by HuntingLove

All music by Kevin MacLeod. 5 REAL Skinwalker and Wild Animal Scary Stories and Ghost Stories submitted by Subscribers. Footage by Emily Middleton.
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