5 REAL Sea Monster Sightings

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The Oceans of this world are deep seas full of real monsters. There are dangerous animals under the water – there might even be the kraken, giant squids, angler fish and nessie herself!

Even Cthulhu would swim away from these dangerous animals before these animals attack. Yes, the seas are as scary as they are large, full of real monsters and strange creatures that are mostly unknown to us. Unfortunately for us, there’s more than just river monsters and lake monsters – The depths of the sea, like Mariana Trench, might house some of the creepiest animals and sea creatures that would make the creature from the black lagoon cower in fear. Enjoy these 5 REAL Sea Monster Sightings.

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Top 5 Scariest Sea Monster Sightings
– Ghost Girl in the Water by IrishSlytherin
– Killer Sea Creature
– Scary Thing in the Water Animal Attack by Radley
– The Giant Sea Monster by P. T. Sheldon
– Strange Creature on the Beach by Xenomaniac

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