5 Real Scary Woodland Monster Stories!

Nature can be peaceful… sometimes!

Today we are exploring the frightening possibilities within the wilderness, and luckily we are briefly accompanied by Mortis Media! Terrifyingly there are many undiscovered beings in this world and they just might be living in your backyard!

Check out Mortis Media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCCLGjb5b9_0MY9HLE65x9Q

Stories \/

1. There is someone, or something in the woods in the Tri Cities, Tennessee. By kjewart17

2. Don’t Go Messin’ Around In the Woods. By ProxyForest

3. My childhood growing up in the woods. By monsterinthemountain

4. There is Something in Forest Glen National Park. By JJCheesman

5. I heard something out of the ordinary in the woods. By winmaben

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