5 REAL Monsters in the Forest

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If you go into the woods, the forest holds Dangerous Animals, Supernatural Creatures, and Real Monsters

Stepping into the woods is not always the best idea. The forest can be a haunted place, full of strange creatures and weird animals such as the real bigfoot, real werewolf, the goatman, and maybe even the rake. Supernatural beasts and Mythical Creatures shy away from humans and make the forest their home. So, get ready to be afraid to go into the woods with these 5 REAL Monster Encounters and Wild Animal Attacks true scary stories that will show you how defenseless humans really are. These rare animals, these strange animals, they are real monsters that will turn you into a meal and another real ghost story.


5 REAL Monsters in the Forest True Stories

– Killer Monster Living in the Forest
– Goatman went Into the Woods
– Supernatural Monster on the Road
– The Rake is Real / On the Drive Home
– Strange Animals or Little People by the Bayou

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Emily Middleton. 5 REAL Monsters in the Forest Encounters by Submitters.

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