They barely survived . . .

This world is a Strange One.

This world is filled with strange creatures, real monsters and mythical beasts come to life. We hear about true sightings of strange beasts on a daily basis, but tonight’s true scary stories show a different kind of sighting. These are 5 REAL Monster Attacks – That’s right, 5 True Scary Stories of Attacks by Strange Creatures. These victims are lucky to be alive. Believe them or not, these ghost stories of real monsters are sure to leave you with nightmares for days. Enjoy . . .

5 REAL Monster Attacks Stories –

– Encounter with the Dogman by Threzie
– The Creature in the Vent by Sunky
– Midnight Creature by Allven
– Dukh Zla – Evil Spirit Creatures (Army Horror Story) by Anonymous
– Fiery Creature in the Cocoa Grove by Breno P.

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 REAL Monster Attacks by Submitters.

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