5 REAL Dogman Encounters

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Have you had a Dogman Sighting? Or maybe been a part of a werewolf attack? Then you’ll love these Real Michigan Dogman Encounters.

The dogman is a wild animal, a dangerous animal, that you might see when you go out camping or hiking. It is similar to werewolves, but just as terrifying. The Michigan dogman, also called the bray road beast, is a man dog hybrid and a real monster that you don’t want to happen upon at night. You could be the victim of a dangerous animal attack. So, are you ready for some real ghost stories? Because here are 5 REAL Dogman Encounters.

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Top 5 Dogman Encounters and Werewolf Attacks in the Forest
– Life Lesson and Werewolf Attack
– Dogman by the Train Tracks into the woods by Arielblonski
– The Werewolf Howl by JustinG
– Dogman tried to Kill Me by Anakin Skywalker
– Dogman in the Forest by Michael L.

Top 5 Werewolf and Dogman Sightings are true horror stories from subscribers.
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