5 REAL Creature Sightings by Subscribers

Strange Creatures Attack every day.

This world is a strange one.

You night watchers have been flooding my website with dozens of creepy true stories, so, just for you, I decided to narrate some of them. Here are 5 REAL Creature Sightings by Subscribers. From a wendigo sighting turned attack, to dogman encounters and skinwalker sightings, you’ve seen it all, and more importantly, you’ve somehow survived. There really are strange creatures out there, unknown creatures who, given the chance, might do us harm. Real werewolves, wendigos, and skinwalkers are out to get us. So, beware, and never go alone.


5 REAL Creature Sightings by Subscribers Stories –

– Creature in the Trees by Adrian B.
– Wendigo Attack / Wendigo in the Woods by Wreckwrack
– Grandma and the Dogman by Wyatt H.
– Strange Creatures in the Woods by Kiru L.
– Creepy Stalking Creature / Dogman Attack by John

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 REAL Creature Sightings by Subscribers.

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