4th July experience

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So it was the 4th of July, my parents were out of town so I had a friend over and we were going to put a firework display on and a fire just to chill out and spend some time together but it didn’t go so well for us.

It was around 7pm when Amy came over she seemed kind of like see just saw a ghost and she came inside and she was said I just saw your grandma outside walking into your garden I shouted her and went after her but she disappeared and I can’t find her anywhere!

I then resumed to tell her that my grandma died before I was born and I had never met her before…

we just brushed it off and ordered some food and watched a movie it then came to around 9:30 pm and it was winter so it was dark and we decided it would be good timing for the fireworks so I set them off and we watched and snapchatted the majority of it.

We put all the videos up on our story and we went to go look at each other’s story’s and they weren’t there so that was strange but she then told me to go set off the rest of the fireworks.

So I did so.

Then one went extremely wrong it went straight into my shed and the shed caught alight Amy called the fire department and called out a firefighter and they said they would be 20-30 mins but there on there so way so I tried to control it with an extinguisher but because I lived with my garden facing a forest we were panicking because it was getting bigger and bigger and it was so close to the forest being burnt down to ash.

Then I heard a whisper in my ear me and your sister are fine but you and your mother are not and that freaked the hell out of me I shouted what the fuck and turned arround Amy at this point was in the corner crying saying I was just staring at the flames and she shouted me and I wouldn’t move she has bad anxiety and was close to an attack.

The fire brigade turned up and put out the fire and told us we should be more careful next time and we certainly listened we went inside and Amy sat down and was telling me she saw a woman walk up to me she looked old and frail she also looked evil and possessed

Amy was telling me she whispered something then just walked away quickly and that’s why she was crying in the corner but I then remembered what she said about how me and my mom wasn’t safe so I called her up and she was like yeah I’m fine why and I told her everything what happened she then told me off for setting off the fireworks since I was 16 and clueless of the trouble I had caused she then told me her mom (my grandma) was not a nice person at all she told me how she had murdered someone in the 20s and got away with it she was mental and the was she killed the person was she set alite to her ex husbands house and killed the whole family. To this day I worry about seeing her again.

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