4 TRUE Sleep Paralysis Scary Stories

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Ready for Insomnia?

This world is a strange one.

Sleep paralysis is a terrifying sleep disorder that brings on true stories of nightmares, hallucinations, and ghost stories by the truck load. When you fall asleep, your body paralyzes itself to keep you still at night. But sometimes you wake up during this state, and sometimes you can hallucinate while awake during sleep paralysis. Move aside creepypasta, these true scary stories and ghost stories will have you rethinking bedtime and considering sleep deprivation. I hope you’re ready for sleep apnea and insomnia – Here come the true stories. Nope Too Creepy joins us tonight!


4 True Sleep Paralysis Scary Stories – Untitled and Unnamed, read by Nope! Too Creepy and Darkness Prevails

All music by Kevin MacLeod. 4 TRUE Sleep Paralysis Scary Stories and True Ghost Stories submitted by Fans. Footage by Emily Middleton.
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