4 TRUE Scary Paranormal Stories by Subscribers


Neither a crucifix nor any dream catcher will keep the horrors at bay. . .

With true scary stories like these, it’s a wonder any of us sleep! And for those unlucky few who have experienced these paranormal encounters, it’s a wonder you’re still alive! Tonight, we have 4 true scary paranormal stories by our subscribers. You folks must have cajones bigger than mine to have withstood these creepy encounters and lived to tell the tale! Gather your friends, warm yourselves by the fire, because this one is a chilly one.


True Stories List –

1. Creepy Creature Sighting – By Tony
2. Skinwalker – By Elizabeth
3. Creepy Girl in the Pink Dress – By Vanessa
4. Two Strange Encounters – By Vanessa G.

Music by Kevin Macleod. All images copyright of their respective owners.

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