4 TRUE Police Horror Stories

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Beware of cops! I mean the fake cops and bad cops, of course.
These true stories of creepy cops show how you could become a hostage or victim!
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The Police Departments, Police squad, true detectives and real cops in general are there to protect and serve right? Well, let’s not forget how many fake cops exist out there. Creepy psychos and the strangers out there would do anything to get you, whether that means making you the victim of their murder or holding you hostage, you don’t want to be around these creepers when they try to break in, perform a burglary or hold a shoot out with the cops! Enjoy these Creepy Police Horror Stories!

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Top 4 true creepy stories are real horror stories, highway horror story, and Scary Cops are short stories from subscribers!
– Speeding Violation gone wrong – Pulled over for Speeding Ticket by Rose
– The Hills have Eyes – Probation Officer Horror Story by Southern Probie
– Fake Cops Tried to Break In – Lets be Cops gone wrong by Hendo
– Gruesome Police Encounter – Drug Lord Shoot Out or almost held hostage by Angel A.

Top 4 Horror Stories of being almost killed, of real life murderers, and true urban legends are true stories from subscribers.
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