4 TRUE Jersey Devil Scary Stories

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The Devil is Real . . .

This World is a Strange One.

The Jersey Devil is one of the creepiest, weird animals you’ll ever hear of, not to mention one of the most horrifying devil stories ever heard. Throughout New England, there are true ghost stories and true scary stories centering around this real monster – The Jersey Devil. Whether you think it’s nothing more than an urban legend or creepypasta, these 4 TRUE Jersey Devil Scary Stories we’ve gathered for you will surely have you questioning how sleepy you really are. Be cautious in the woods and watch the night skies – This devil is known to fly. Is it a true legend? An urban myth? Or a real scary story? I’ll let you decide. Enjoy!

4 TRUE Jersey Devil Scary Stories –
– Camping in the Pine Barrens
– Jersey Devil of Bear Swamp
– Jersey Devil Sighting
– Sound of the Jersey Devil

All music by Kevin MacLeod. 4 TRUE Jersey Devil Scary Stories submitted by Fans. Footage by Emily Middleton.
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