3 TRUE Encounters with REAL Poltergeists

These Poltergeist Hauntings will chill you to the bone!

Things go bump in the night – And sometimes they might just go bump in the day. Poltergeists are sinister beings who haunt your home and make your life a horrific hell. Sometimes they simply move things out of place, but other times they’ll harass you to the point of exhaustion – or worse. Tonight, we have 3 true scary stories of poltergeist hauntings and paranormal activity. These true tales will have you praying a poltergeist doesn’t happen upon your path.


True Stories List –

1. Followed by Poltergeist Activity
2. 2nd Avenue Poltergeist
3. The Attic Poltergeist
Music by Kevin Macleod. All images copyright of their respective owners. Stories used from the Your True Tales section of paranormal.about.com

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