3 TRUE Encounters with REAL Haunted Dolls

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Don’t look into their soulless eyes . . .

While the video may be short, the stories are filled with horror. Creepy and dolls go hand in hand for a lot of us, while some of us to this day collect and cherish them. But what hides under their false smiles, human-like features and fabric vessels? Are these creepy dolls nothing more than nightmare fuel? Or is there something deeper to them? Perhaps there is a dark being inside some dolls, possessing and controlling them for dark purposes. No matter what you might think, you’ll think twice before looking into the eyes of any creepy doll for a while. So, enjoy these 3 true scary stories about Creepy Possessed and Haunted Dolls!

1. The Possessed Figurine
2. Haunted Raggedy Ann Doll
3. Haunted Dolls Come to Life

Music by AudioMicro and JinglePunks. All images copyright of their respective owners. Stories used from the Your True Tales section of paranormal.about.com

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