3 TRUE Encounters with REAL Aliens and Abductions

Where will you wake up?

Tonight, we take a look at the most inescapable of terrors – Alien Abduction and Alien Contact. These 3 true scary stories of real alien encounters will have you fearing every moment of your waking and sleeping life. Let’s just hope those nightmares are all in your mind. You know, the ones where the alien creatures are dissecting you? Yeah, those. Well, whether you believe or not, the real horror is knowing that you cannot escape the super-advanced races that might be out there. If they choose you, it’s over.


True Stories List –

1. Alien Abduction in Quebec
2. Alien Intentions
3. Aliens Took my Baby
Music by Kevin Macleod. All images copyright of their respective owners. Tales used with permission from paranormal.about.com.

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