2 creepers at Starbucks

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This story happened to me when I was around the young age of 13. I am a male, and I am quite big for my age, height wise and weight wise. Me and my mom and 2 of our neighbors decided to road trip up to our vacation house in a wooded part of the state. We embarked on the 4 1/2 drive probably at around 7:30 AM. This journey usually takes upwards of 4 hours to complete and it is usual for us to stop at Starbucks, because it’s morning and it’s just so convenient. At this time, we had already left or hometown and travels about an hour when suddenly my neighbors son and I got very hungry, which meant it was time to find the nearest Starbucks and stop. We found one. This one happened to be located in a very large shopping/restaurant complex on the outskirts of a big town just off the highway. We pull over and we have to park a long walk away just because it was so crowded. My mom, hates going to Starbucks. Usually because every damn one is so crowded all the time. Thankfully, we saw no lines or crowds in this Starbucks. My mom said “THANK GOD! let’s just get the food and leave because I don’t want to spend anymore time here than I already have to”. I laughed a little. My mom is a very, outspoken person and is not afraid of expressing her opinion even though she is a 5’2 115 LB rather small woman. As we got closer and stepped up onto the sidewalk, something caught my eyes. Two men, Latino, and for whatever reason wearing all black. even though it’s the morning, it was already almost 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I always thought that if you wore black on a hot summer day like that, you must have been extremely hot right? “Such a bad fashion choice” my young brain thought. Even more interesting, these men were just staring at us, Not even trying to hide it. But, both sets of eyes lay upon me. I have always been a very vigilant, shy, human being, for whatever reason so I started playing different scenarios in my head as we walked through the door, eyes still following me. As we waiting in the short line, I kept glancing over at the two men. They were sitting outside. Outside just staring at me all the same. I was just wierded our more than anything. We placed our orders and I and my neighbors son, who was only 9 at the time, went to the bathrooms. I did my buisness and came back out of the restroom. But the moment I opened the door, the guys again, just staring at the door and me! I actually start to mentally freak out at this point. “What if they follow us all the way up to our cabin… what if they do something to us”! I however remained silent and didn’t share my thoughts to my mother. Now we wait for our food. Those men… yup, still leering at me. I thought to put my earbuds in and just tune the world out. But then, I thought, what if Their intentions are to… rob us. Me pulling out my brand new glowing golden iPhone 6, surely would make Them think we had money right? So I again just kept to myself. Finally they called my mothers name for the order. My mom, my neighbor, her son, and I, then all went outside. Went outside, to walk past those men. And I know what you think. It’s gonna be some cliché little they spoke about “BLAH”. But I kid you not, those men started speaking in Spanish. Something I couldn’t understand. I turned and visibly with concern in my eyes stared at them. I don’t know what changed but, they both just stopped talking and looked away for once in about 15 minutes. I got closer to the members of my group and didn’t look back once. I’m just glad that we got back to the car and drove away. Away from that Starbucks, and I hope never to return to that location. All I know is that they wanted something. Whether it was money, or something more sinister, I will never know. And I’m not sure I ever want to find out. If this has taught me anything, it’s to probably speak up more to the people you trust. Because you never know what people are capable of. Especially, people who’s gaze is the embodiment of hatred. And that’s what I felt that day.

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