17 Creepy Confessions from Retail

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17 Creepy Confessions from Retail

Most have us have worked in retail, and some of us have some very scary retail stories to share! Enjoy these allegedly true retail horror stories with scary music and horror sound effects!

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:

1. Creepers and Crowbars by Elisabeth 0:41
2. Car 8 by Helenahandbasket 5:02
3. Something Strange in Retail by Danielle VKC 11:11
4. Customer is Always Right by Baby Parker 14:32
5. Creep at Babies R Us by Reba B. 20:46
6. Night Shift Scare by Anon 24:11
7. Scary McDonald’s Story by HorrorAndAnime18 29:26
8. Haunted Pet Shop by MetalAndReptiles7 33:45
9. Almost Taken While Working by Kayla 36:37
10. Fast Food Horror Story by Ben 38:17
11. Food City Creep by Lightning Cloud 40:52
12. I Used to Work at Walmart by Sarah G. 44:09
13. Scary Goodwill Stories 1 by Anonymoose 47:26
14. Scary Goodwill Stories 2 by Anonymoose 48:49
15. Scary Goodwill Stories 3 by Anonymoose 49:56
16. I was the Target by DewDrop303 51:55
17. I’m Not Gonna Miss Toys R Us by Laney T. 55:32

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This episode’s sound effects, background music and imagery were created all or in part by:
Myuuji – https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji
Epidemic Sound! Go to http://www.epidemicsound.com
Kevin MacLeod from http://www.incompetech.com
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