15 UNEXPLAINED Animal Sightings

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These 15 true stories are supernatural and paranormal stories of Hunting Stories, Rare Animals and Endangered Species, into the woods, and encounters in the forest from subscribers.
– The Thing on Mississinewa Road by Jess O’Hara
– The Thing in the Australian Bush by Anonymous
– Lake Creature by Stormcloak 2
– Flying Creature in Missouri by Dallas
– Dogman in Maine by Nathaniel Tucker
– What was the Thing? by Leroy Owens
– Something in the Trees by Trice
– East Kentucky Goatman Sighting by Steven Dale
– Alien Encounters by Makoto
– Humanoid in Colorado by Jared
– Gnome or Troll Sighting / Duende by Jazmin R.
– Woodcutting and Wendigo by John
– The Staring Creature by Ryan
– Dogman of Kentucky by cooper
– The Cycle by Ron


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