11 Creepy Confessions by Hikers and Hunters!

11 Creepy Confessions by Hikers and Hunters!

These are 11 of the most HORRIFYING things found by Hikers, Hunters and Campers! Enjoy it with the sounds of the forest 🙂

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1. u/KidPix666’s Story 1:24
2. u/ScottyVI’s or Kane’s Story 3:14
3. u/greatwhitegibby’s Story 4:46
4. Anonymous’s Story 7:29
5. u/Crannibal808’s Story 8:16
6. u/tjbullerman’s Story 11:40
7. u/n3phtis’s Story 14:02
8. Anonymous’s Story 15:32
9. u/mrsbebe’s Story 17:33
10. Anonymous’s Story 18:47
11. u/SunsetDreams1111’s Story 22:33

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