5 HORRIFYING Social Media Horror Stories

5 HORRIFYING Social Media Stories

Watch out what you do, what you say, WHO you follow on social media. They might have certain plans in mind for you. Darkness Prevails presents these allegedly true stories about social media stories, social media horror stories, scary social media stories, darkness prevails, scary facebook stories, facebook horror stories, scary twitter stories, twitter horror stories, creepy twitter stories, creepy facebook stories, scary snapchat stories, creepy snapchat stories, snapchat horror stories, creepy instagram stories, scary instagram stories, instagram horror stories, friend request, creepy follower, facebook horror, creepy facebook account, creep and more!

Enjoy the video 🙂 Keyword rant over!

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:

– Someone Was Sending Me Weird Snapchats by Lena
– Facebook Creeper Gone Mad by Colin B.
– Creepy Guy on Snapchat by Gillian V.
– Creepy Facebook Guy by Kanika J.
– My Instagram Horror Story by Fiona

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