10 REAL Werewolf Sightings

Are these Real Werewolves? The Dogman? Or Mysterious Wild Animals? You decide.

I love finding new werewolf footage and werewolf photos. I scour youtube finding ghosts and werewolves caught on tape and caught on video. So, when I’m sent so many submissions of true scary stories of real werewolves, I was excited to upload this video on 10 Scary Sightings of the Real Werewolf and Real Dogman Encounters. Enjoy my pretties. These true stories, these scary stories, will leave you with nightmares of mysterious creatures and monster India. Do you want to become a paranormal witness? Do you want to see something supernatural for yourself? Well, if it means running into these fierce beasts, you might want to rethink your desire.

10 REAL Werewolf Sightings Real Ghost Stories
– Creature in the Forest / Night Time Encounter by J. H. Cain
– Wild Animal or Real Werewolf by Jake
– Lycanthropy on the Walk Home by Riley C.
– Full Moon Werewolf or Ra by Tyr
– Night Terror / Camping Trip Monster by Rachel W.
– It Wasn’t a Wolf / Werewolf Sighting by One Happy Gamer
– Dogman in the Alley by ChelleMILSO
– Dogman on the Road / Bray Road? by Yvez16
– German Werewolf by Bear-Pig Nation
– Werewolf Sighting in College / Monster India by Aleshka

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Emily Middleton. 10 REAL Werewolf Sightings by Subscribers.

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