10 REAL Sightings of the Goatman!

10 REAL Sightings of the Goatman!

A Terrifying Goat Monster has been Sighted in America! Enjoy these stories with scary music 🙂

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:

1. The Goatman of Alaska by Female Vampire 0:51
2. Is it Goat or Man by sanjeev2224 6:35
3. The Goat Lady by Demon Girl 16:31
4. The Goatman Encounter by Eva_Bear_24 22:51
5. The Goatman Almost Had Me by matthinsoniava 25:18
6. The Goatman by Calina C. 30:04
7. The Goatman Creek by RosePetal9098 32:02
8. Goatman by Jared S. 34:29
9. Goatman or Skinwalker Story by PlatinumNotGold 37:23
10. Goatman GPS by Kevin M. 39:30

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