10 REAL Ghost Stories

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These 5 true stories are supernatural and paranormal stories of Real Urban Legends, demon stories or demon possession, paranormal activity, and true supernatural stories from subscribers.
– The Stregheria Experience – A Haunted House and Real Witchcraft by Adam Flowers
– Grayscale Ghosts by Young Indigo – Real Ghost Video and Paranormal Story
– My Grandpa’s Ghost – By Cora E. Back From the Grave
– Wheelchair Lady by Jazmin R. Creepy Ghost Woman
– Lights Out Lady’s – Haunted Disney Land or Creepy Disney World
– Winter Break Fun – Home Alone Horror Story
– Shadow People or Real Demon Haunting by J. Rodriguez
– My Brother’s Demon – The Rake or Wendigo Sighting by Gabriel M.
– Creepy Attic – In the Attic Scary Story by Kieran
– Sleep Paralysis and Terrifying Nightmares come true by BCW

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