10 REAL Ghost Stories Marathon – Featuring Darkness Prevails, Blue_Spooky, Joey’s Nightmares and Shivers

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Almost an HOUR of Ghostly Goodness . . .

Huddle around the campfire – Let’s share some Creepy True Ghost Stories. Do you believe in ghosts? Well, whether you do or don’t doesn’t matter – These 10 REAL Ghost Stories will have your heart racing. Are ghosts real? There’s definitely something creepy out there haunting this world. Objects move on their own, strange shadows attack folks in their sleep, and scary entities stalk the halls at night. Like it or not, Ghosts are Real – And Darkness Prevails, Blue_Spooky, Joey’s Nightmares and Shivers will show you the horror of 10 REAL Ghost Stories.


– 10 REAL Ghost Stories

– Late Night Ghost by Vanessa
– Childhood Hauntings by Lauren
– Harris Street Ghosts by Vanessa
– The Ghost from the Ashes by Tala
– Cedar Crossing Entity by Elissa I.
– Look Out – Ouija Board Ghost or Demon by Kye
– Attacked by a Shadow Person by MalleusMD
– Dead Ex Ghost by VicPrior
– Strange Happenings at an Old Newport Haunted House by Sadie
– Assisted Living – Nurse Ghost by CNA

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All music by Kevin MacLeod. Background Footage by Brenden Dean. 5 REAL Ghost Encounters by Submitters.

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