10 REAL Alien Encounters

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Do you believe in Aliens? Well, it’s hard to deny all these real alien sightings, alien abductions and UFO close encounters.

Tonight, I share with you 10 True Scary Stories of Real Alien Encounters. Whether it’s an up close and personal alien sighting or a bizarre UFO sighting, these 10 true stories will have you hoping that these extraterrestrials don’t lay their eyes on you. With movies like alien returns, the life film, and arrival dishing out sci fi movie goodness, I feel it’s a good time to share some ghost stories with you that cover some creepy and disturbing cases of alien abduction and other paranormal supernatural encounters. So get ready for these true scary stories of close encounters of the third kind, fourth kind, (well every kind!) and think about all those missing people and conspiracies that might have these real demons known as aliens as the culprit. Enjoy!

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Top 10 REAL Alien Encounters
– Atlanta Alien Attack by Big Bad Dawg 101
– Seeing an Alien and Missing Time by Krystal Star Knight
– Scary Humanoid Alien in the Hallway by Jennifer W.
– Mom’s Abduction Story by Amie
– Airsoft Alien Encounter by Artotias A.
– Summer Alien Abduction by seekymcneil
– The Alien Face by sanjeev2224
– Real Life X Files by Nick and Ellie
– Real Alien Probe by Huxneeb
– Realignment or UFO Missing Time by Glitchnout

Top 10 REAL UFO Sightings and Alien Contact are real ghost stories and horror stories from subscribers.
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