10 CREEPY Confessions by Hunters with River Sound Effects

10 CREEPY Confessions by Hunters with River Sound Effects

Hunters tell their most HORRIFYING secrets and TRUE Scary Stories! Enjoy with the relaxing sounds of River Sound Effects! It’s a sleep aid 🙂

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:

1. Failed Attempt or Was It by LupineBane 0:38
2. The Wendigo by Frank L. 6:38
3. I Barely Outran It by BDawg 9:50
4. Creature Ate My Dog by Blabe6109 12:40
5. A Demon Hates Me by John M. 20:09
6. College Haunting by Darkest Hour Videos 24:21
7. Skinwalker in my Dream by Eli A. 31:08
8. Red Eyes by Kyle 34:10
9. Glad I Wasn’t Alone by FullAutoAirSoft 35:53
10. Skinwalker Hunting by James 38:56

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