the scariest night of my life

For a bit of background. I am a 24 year old male who lives in Northern Canada. this experience happened to me two years ago. I was out at my friends place which was a few hours away from where I lived. I joined my friends in throwing him a surprise going away party because he was moving the next day. we had fun till it started to get dark and I decided I’d better head home. so I said my goodbyes and started my long journey back into town. I walked down the road till I got to the highway and I realised that it was already dusk. so I put my coat on and kept walking. I’m an outdoors kind of person so I was accustomed to walking in the wilderness when its dark. I followed the highway to the turn off to head into town and nothing had really happened aside from hearing wolves or the odd coyote in the darkness surrounding the wilderness. I was halfway into town when I heard a loud noise off in the ditch a ways away from the highway. it startled me and I froze for a second to hear if the noise continued. sure enough I heard it again. it was a splashing kind of sound like when a beaver slaps its tail in water. I called out to see if it was a person but no answer. I thought that’s weird. so I turned my flashlight on and pointed the beam towards where I heard the noise. then form out of nowhere a rock flew towards my direction which made me jump out of the way to avoid it from hitting me. as I looked back to where my flashlight was shining I saw a set of eyes with a color I can only describe as crimson were focused right on my flashlight. as my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see a figure that would haunt my dreams to this day. it looked like a wolf but emaciated and a deer’s head and long human like arms with long razor sharp claws. just when I thought it was terrifying enough it stood up and made a cry that sent cold shivers down my was like hearing a woman shrieking mixed with the roar of a bear. my fight or flight instinct kicked in and I ran as fast as I could down the road. I could hear trees rustling and branches snapping as i ran for my life. my lungs were burning and i knew it was only a matter of time before I ran out of adrenaline. luckily a car came down the highway and I flagged them down as quick as possible and explained the situation. the people in the car didn’t believe me, but then the creature let out a loud cry behind me and the people told me to get in quick. as we sped away I swore I could see the creature still in pursuit of me near the treeline. then i blinked and it had disappeared. I can tell you this much. since that day I feel less comfortable in the wilderness at night and when i am going out there I make sure i have my friends with me.

Children of the Sabbath

I guess I should start from the beginning.
There’s not many things I remember from my childhood due to trauma but one of the few things I remember is that night I saw him with my very eyes. I was young but I grew up in a religious household so there was no mistaking it. The thing I saw that night was the Devil himself, in the flesh.
I was 4, almost 5 when I first started having nightmares about him. He would talk to me and tell me how much I meant to him but being so young and imaginative my toddler brain didn’t think anything of it until a few months ago after my 21st birthday. I mostly thought I thought him up and he was my imaginary friend because I had 3 of them already.
The night he showed himself to me I had just turned 5 a few months prior to this. It was a night like any other if I’m honest, I was in mom and dads bed watching a wrestling match. It was about 12am. My dad asked me to go get him another popsickle so I agreed and got up to get one, as soon as I opened their bedroom door looking down the hall to the kitchen I felt an all too familiar dark, unnatural pressure. The atmosphere was heavy and tense but I didn’t think anything of it because I was a kid and pretty much every child was scared of the dark, so I sicked it up and walked down the hall as quietly as I could and opened up the freezer. The second I closed the door and the light from the freezer that was Illuminating the room cut off, I felt a drop in the temperature and my body froze. When I looked over to the right of the room towards the front door and I saw him. It was a black, tall, shapeless figure with burning red eyes. I couldn’t make out any details due to him being a literal black hole, devoid of any dimension or color. But what I could see was the cloven hooves he had for feet and the tall, thick, almost crown like goats horns on the top of what looked to be a humans head.
I stood there frozen and holding my breath for what felt like an eternity, just hoping he would go away. After a minute passes by he raised his arm and pointed towards me. His mouth stayed shut but I could hear him mumbling something to me, like he was feeding thoughts and ideas into my head. My heart started to pound and I came to my senses, taking off and running to my parents room like any terrified child would do. I took a running start and jumped into their bed covered in cold sweat trying to explain to them what happened but all that came out was “goat man” “red eyes” in broken stutters. I broke down into tears and my mom and dad grabbed their bibles and walked every corner of our yard anointing the four corners with oil and sealing every window and entrance with salt.
Everything was fine for the first few years but my mom freused to speak about it. She even gets funny now when you mention that night around her. Eventually small things started to happen around the house. I would feel the same spiritual pressure from that night if I went off by myself or was left home alone, things would touch me in sleep and I would jerk awake to see odd shadows moving in the corners followed by the same repetitive, gruesome dreams.
Over the years I’ve had 3 mediums see me due to mom worrying about me. The last 3 years have been hard on me mentally and she could feel the spirits attachment to me grow stronger the deeper I slipped into depression. After the last medium saw me and blessed the house she gave my mom a warning and finally admitted that the medium, – let’s call her Rachel for the sake of the story.- Rachel, was called because mom came into my room one night to check on me and saw the same figure watching me, refusing to look away even after she made her presence known to it. Rachel did all she could but the blessings don’t work, if anything it just pisses it off even more. The nightmares got worse and worse, Sometimes I would call my boyfriend at the time and just cry after I woke up. Even my close friend at the time who happened to be a medium said that whatever was hanging around me wanted to me, not to hurt me, but like I belong to it or something. It was keeping me close like a pet or possession and she straight up refused to ever come back to my house after the week she spent there.

Even after everything, I never once got a feeling like this thing wanted to hurt me. It felt more like it was angry I was rejecting it. I bought a few books and started to study everything I could think of from urban legends to native American stories, everything I could think of until I got to the satanic religion. I wasn’t a very religious person to begin with due to being brought up in a strict religious household up until the age of 7 when my parents finalized their divorce, so I wasn’t too sure I’d find my answer on one of those books considering I thought anything religious was a pile of bullshit, but I did.
I was drawn to one of the books I bought called “At Satan’s Altar”. I got bored of reading through all the prayers and hymns only to come up with no answer so I flipped to a random spot in the book and when I started to read my blood ran cold. In the last few chapters I found a page with the title “Satanic Anointing”. It stated that there’s a few different ways that Satan will “choose” you if that’s what you wanna call it.. Some people are chosen at birth or later in childhood like I was, it’s special to be chosen by him apparently and “sets you apart from the rest”. I read over one part that made me freeze, nearly causing me to choke on my drink as i read it. It went on to explain that if you are chosen in your early childhood years that he will make his presence known multiple times through signs, dreams, and visions before he shows himself to you, then he’ll take a physical form. His most famous form is the black figure with horns and hoolved feet, the typical “devil figure”, especially if the kid is from a religious background. The “Horned one of the Sabbath” they described fit all of my experiences perfectly.. I couldn’t believe it honestly, I thought this was some kinda joke. So I kept reading hoping I’d find something to get me out of this, anything. But the more I kept reading the more I found out about myself, which kinda brought a sense of peace? Apparently the marked ones like me are either marked physically or spiritually with above average intelligence, intuition, or other physical abilities.
There’s no way out of this, no matter how hard I try or where I go, I keep coming right back to him. But that doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, I’ve actually come to accept my role in his game. Me and the others like me have a role to play and we don’t have a choice. I constantly feel him with me, watching me, never leaving my side. It’s a dark, heavy feeling that I’ll never be able to shake, but you get used to it. After a while it’s calming. If I’m honest I almost forgot what it was like to have a normal life without feeling this dark energy surrounding me, but this is what I signed up for so I shouldn’t complain.
Anyway I guess I should get to the point. There’s a war coming, and if this is the only way I can get my story out then so be it.
The war is close and his army is getting bigger, he’s marking children and people like me every day. Do yourself a favor and get ready. It’s coming.

Woman In White

In late 2006, I was in Boy Scouts and we took a trip to South Carolina. One of the tours we did was a ghost tour. During this tour, we encountered a cemetery which had a ghost known as the Woman in White. Our tour guide explained what these spirits do on earth is that they look for their long lost love after death. I took some pictures during her story telling. Once we got back to Indiana, I got the pictures developed one of them looked like it was a small blue dot well I grabbed a magnifying glass and sure enough…a woman in white walking.

Why I’ll never touch a oujia boared again…

For a little backstory I have only used a oujia board twice in my life. The first time being an absolute fluke and making me a non believer , but the second time being the reason for this story and making me a believer. So a group of friends and I decided to bust out the oujia board again for shits and giggles. There’s four of us sitting around in the basement, mind you this isn’t a creepy basement. It is a finished basement with out any windows, so it was extremely dark. However the creepy part of the basement was where the laundry room was. Thankfully there was a door to separate the two spaces so obviously we had the door shut. After shutting the lights off and placing the board in the middle of the room we began our session. At first nothing happen, we sat in silence staring at the board waiting in anticipation. Finally the planchet started to move. At first all I can think about is who’s doing this because it certainly isn’t me. I took my hands off and looked at my friends calling someone on their bull shit. My three friends looked at me in absolute shock questioning me, the group and themselves of what was going on. We placed our hands back on the planchet and ask one of the most basic questions “If someone is here right now do something”. We countinued to wait while the board spat gibberish back at us. Realizing it later on it was probably a forgein language being spoken at the time. But, after sitting for about 20 minutes and growing more anxious and nervous something finally happens. I mentioned earlier the door to the creepy dungeon/laundry room was completely shut and no way it could open on its own. Well you guessed it the door flew open smashing against the wall. All four of us jumped and bolted to the stairs tripping over each other to get to the top. Leaving the board open to whatever we had summoned. Now all outside feeling somewhat safe that we are out of the house we decided to leave the house immediately. We did not want to go back in that house for awhile. Fast forward a few hours later after we are all calmed down a bit, laughing and rationing away the situation. All of us walk into the basement to find the laundry room door still wide open and something much worse. The entire room had been destroyed. The tv was pushed down onto the floor, the computer screen had a huge crack in the middle, the mattress was across the room and upside down, I’m sure you get the picture. The four of us stood even more shocked and horrified than before. Again we ran tripping and fighting each other to get the hell out of that house. I went home that night terrified to even close my eyes in fear of what we had unleashed into our lives. You might think someone had come into the house, but there’s no way that could have happen. We had locked the door before leaving and my friends parents hadn’t come home yet. The only room that was destroyed was the basement. Which you would think if the house was broken into the entire house would have been destroyed. But, no it was just the room where we made the bad decision of opening the oujia board.

Two dogwalks from Hell

My mom and I walk the dogs daily. We live in section 8 housing and one side of our apartment is crime filled. These incidents happened in the same week.
On this one walk, we were on our way to the second building, you know, where much of the crime and gangs are. Walking there, we saw a banged up car. It was a car with two men in it, both of whom I may have been African American. One had an afro, was thin and had a distinct scar across the right side of his face. The other was larger and had a tattoo on the same side of his face. Both men were doing some kind of drug. I saw the dusty stuff and a horrible smell coming from their car. There was also a black shiny thing in their car. Startled, my mom had us turn around and go the back way to the second building. I wish we went back home. On the back way, my mom and I saw a couple walking. The man was screaming on his phone, shouting poison and obscenities. Then a car drove up once the couple went to their apartment and the man was screaming on his phone. We knew it was the same man. He appeared to be reaching in his glove box. Out of the glovebox came a dark shiny thing. It was a gun.
He pointed it at the other man and he replied ‘it’s a toy. But hey, don’t mind my girlfriend or the dog walkers over there.’ We stayed around and soon, the man left. I hate to see what would happen to the man if we had left.

The couple left the next day which is when the second incident takes place. We we’re on our way to the second building when suddenly, we looked on the playground and saw very strange men. They looked like perverts. We went on the opposite side of the road to avoid those three men. We went down and saw a family packing their belonging. Their stuff was on their lawn. They looked like meth heads as their nails and teeth were disgusting. They had the Confederate flag carried around. They appeared to be in the Heltet Skelter crowd. One wearing a mullet gave my mom strange looks and I glared at him back. He retreated to his father and his father had no chin. We gunned it out of that building complex as more arrived. We were by the same playground as before and those three perverts had left. I saw a bunch of man in groups of 5 yell back and forth at each other. They appeared to be Latino. One yelled ‘you got a gun!’ the other man yelled back “I’m gonna bust a cap on you!” We ran home. We couldn’t get home fast enough.
I feel safe at home because of my dog and bodybuilding brother. My message to you, stay safe out there. Crime happens in all neighborhoods both good and bad.

Tall Man at work

The following story is from my brother, we’ll call him Dan. He worked at Goodwill during this time. He told me one scary story of someone who may not even have been human.
It was a hot day. Dan worked in the warehouse of Goodwill. Customers would drive up and donate. One day, a small, little car with an old fashioned, ginormous box shaped TV drives up. Out of the car comes a man, a very tall Man. The man was Jason Voorhees like and was about or close to 7ft tall.
The man then said in a nightmarishly deep voice ‘do you take TVs?’ With no hesitation, I replied ‘yes.’
The man tears off the bungee cords and lifts the TV up without any trouble at all. He picked it up like from that scene in Phantasm. Then he placed it on a pallet jack and walked away.
“Would you like a receipt?” No reply and he stared at me in a very threatening manor. Soon, driving off, in that same scary inhumanly deep voice, he said “thank you.” Eventually, he quite. I hope I never meet you Mr. Tall Man

My Creepy Crush At Work

First off, I just want everyone to know that I’m a guy and, yes guys too can be victims of sexual harassment.

This took place about two or three years ago and I was probably either 25 or 26 years of age. I work in a factory that makes car parts for Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen and Toyota. The factory is split up into three departments: Plant 1, Plant 1.5, and Plant 2.

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The Cat shadow

This Is a true story and similar events throughout the years have happened, I’ve always had the ability to fall asleep anywhere so keep that in mind. 

I was six years old at the time, I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. My father not wanting to wake me up while moving me to my room, let me sleep there for the night.

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something scared the cats

So first of all, excuse my bad english, I’m from germany and not always sure about my english writing skills, but I will try my best…

This little incident happened about two or three years ago and I totally forgot about it until today. I’m sixteen years old and I’m a complete crazy cat lady. I own three cats by the names of lilly, luna and lara.

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