Poilet Encounter

This incident happened not but a few months ago, the date slips my mind, vaugely since we had been on a trip to my old home town. Some backstory hear..We still have my childhood home up for rent and were going to evict the current renters for for ignorance, sadly we live about 46 hours away, clear across the state. Thankfully me and my mother had actually been around the state many times..From delivering animals for money to just trying to find a new state to live in from cali, to Oklahoma.

The exact place this happened had to be somewhere in Nebraska, it was late at dusk, after driving for days and being so close to our destination it seemed like a breathe of fresh air to see a Piolet. Bright yellow lights made the gas-station seem like a little inn, especially with the mass of Big rigs that seemed to make their home for the night there.
Now, I probobly seemed very particular..Bi-colored hair and tottaly greasy looking- the emmense heat was a horrible drag, but the dimming night cooled it to a comfortable temprature.
Going Into the rather big establishment I b-lined for the restrooms so I could fix myself up..i ran into a big hunk of a driver exiting the open shower rooms, paying no mind to it..At the time if I wasn’t so concerned with myself I might have noticed that he took a second look at me, to which I found out after the incident.

Unmarked Semi-Truck on a Mountain Pass

I originally wanted to post this under the category of Trucker Stories, but I then realized you probably meant actual truck drivers who make their living by driving trucks. So I’m hoping this is scary enough that it will eventually make it into one of your videos. Over the years I have had countless scary stranger encounters, paranormal experiences and near death experiences. But I think this one is the best one to start with. Eventually I would love to share more of my stories with you. So here goes…

This story happened almost 10 years ago but I remember it super vividly. I was 16 years old and it was May 20th 2008 and my mom, two friends, and I were on our way over the Cascade Mountain Range to see our favorite band in Seattle. I live in the dead center of Washington State, about three hours from Seattle. For those of you who live in the South or other states that don’t have mountain passes, basically to get to towns on the other side of the mountains you have to drive up and through the mountains on a highway with an extremely steep incline. Yes, you guessed it. People usually speed, pass when there are no passing lanes, and a lot of fatal car accidents happen on this specific pass we were traveling. There is always a chance something bad is going to happen when driving it.

5 TRUE Alaskan Horror Stories

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shadow man story

A little back story, I have lived in Alaska most of my life and have enjoyed spending time out side in the long Alaskan summers ether hunting fishing or hiking. Growing up here you learn safety in number when out in the woods, more eyes to see bears and moose, you also learn to watch what to look for so u don’t stumble upon one in the woods.

They may be big but they are really quite for there size.


   I want to start off by saying that this story is 100% true and that I have linked an article pertaining to the case at the end.

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