Fighting Demons

By Famine52

Warning my tale includes religious themes that some people might find offensive. Let’s start off with a little background. I grew up in a so called catholic home. by that I mean that God was never talked about in the home and the only time I was at church was when I was forced to dress up and go to Easter Sunday services.

I quickly fell away from the faith that was getting shoved down my throat and started getting into the sciences and got to the point that I believed that I could explain away every thing that religious nuts Brought up to me with my knowledge of science. Anyway on to the story: the 3 main people in this story are of course me then there is my buddy (who for privacy reasons shall be referred to as buddy) and a Mutual friend known from here on out as J.

Flying Creature

By Vlad

Let me just say that some of the names have been changed for the american audience because those names dont exist in English.

It was 1998 i was just 7 years and my neighbour Sven was 6. We live in Serbia, Subotica, a town farthest north and closest to the Hungarian boarder. At that time Serbia was at war with Bosnia, Croatia and the NATO started bombing Serbia. We were just kids so war didnt really seem all that real to us and we had the advantage to not be bombed because of our town was so close to Hungary the couldnt risk a bomb falling in to Hungary. We just liked to play all day and to late at night.

Red Eyes in the Dark


This didn’t happen to me but to my father, my sister and my brother. This is how it was told to me YEARS later. Myself, my sister and my father are all pretty sensitive when it comes to the paranormal so this was by far their scariest experience. They still get shaky talking and even thinking about it. This was the only instance of that Demon in our house. That house was very haunted and everyone except my mother felt and saw things there. So without further adieu, the story:

It was very late at night, between about2-4am when my dad came out of his room and went to get some water. As he made his way to the kitchen, he saw my older sister sitting on the couch and staring into a corner of the ceiling.

Not So Angelic

By Billie

So this is my first time submitting and although I have many tells to write down I guess this one might be the best one to start with.

I grew up with my mother in the United States, our apartment was small and we of course had to share the same room. Our mattresses were on the floor, conjoined by the top so when we slept our heads would be close together. A simple way to put this is that the beds united in the shape of an L, her bed facing the t.v and mine facing the door and with its end right next to the closet.

Ghost in the Hallway

By The cool bailey

This happened when I was 5 or 6, I am 12 now and I remember what had happened like it happened yesterday. I was in the process of learning to sleep in my own bed, but I would get up every night and run into my parents bed. I will tell you a little about my house so you can imagine it a little clearer.

My room was on one side of the hall, my parent’s room was on the other side, and my half-brother’s room is at the end of the hall. I was asleep but I woke up with the feeling I was being watched I looked around my room and I noticed a light in the hall.

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