Most BIZARRE Police Case – A DISTURBING Scary Story

Forget police brutality and police chases – This scary story creepypasta will have you wondering what might be happening to all those missing children.

Monster, Ghost or Demon?

By Vex

My story starts with my mom in the first house I lived in was in San Diego. While me and my brother were at school and my dad was in the navy and worked from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. my mom was home alone a lot.

Every few days my mom would she a shadow person starring at her from me and my brother’s room and it would not go way for at least five minutes but besides that nothing happened in that house. 2 years later, we moved to a new house for my dad’s work, we moved to a town called Corcoran which is by Hanford. Ever since we got there my mom felt really uneasy for the two years we lived there. The scariest experience was in the first year we were there. My brother just finished his homework and he always sharpened his pencil after and it was sharp then got on to youtube.


By Bex

This isn’t a scary story its actually more comforting. I have had Fibromyalgia for 2 years now and have had 1 hospital stay. I’m in pain all the time and get a lot of other symptoms from Fibro, like not being able to think, swelling of my feet ect. I was 17 during my one hospital stay and I was staying in A&E for about 3 days. I was there becasue I was in way more pain then usual, so much so I couldn’t walk or move and I was shaking a lot.

at this time no one new I had Fibro since I hadn’t been diagnosed yet so I was in shock and I was scared. I had been in hospital before but never over night and my family couldn’t stay with me all the time.

I had a lovely old lady who was next to me. We were separated my curtains. we talked to each other a lot and I really enjoyed her company. one night I woke up and was shaking terribly and was in so much pain I couldn’t even speak. it was about 3 at night since there was a clock on the wall that I was facing. I was crying but no one could hear.

Creepy Real Nightmares

By Marky

Sorry my English isn’t the greatest, so please don’t mind it too much. Anyways, most of my life, creepy things have always happened to me, but there were a couple of experiences that freaked me out. Sorry the stories are a bit long though.
Well, the first one is when I started getting these really bad nightmares in my freshmen year (I am a senior in high school right now).

I use to be a insomniac who went days without sleep at times and when I did sleep, I would always get these nightmares. These nightmares consisted of me getting killed, me committing suicide, or almost getting killed. For some reason, there was this same lady in my dream. Every time I saw her I thought she was my little sister, but when I looked at her closely it clearly wasn’t my sister. The first time I saw her in my dreams, I woke up in cold sweat and at the time, my friend was living with me in my room, and when I looked around I saw someone standing near my bed. I looked to my friend and i saw her blonde hair so I knew she was sleeping in the bed. What startled me was that it was the same lady in my dreams. She had the same long black hair that went to her knees and long nails.

Haunted Apartment

By Rasha

My story is about the strangest apartment I have ever lived in, which ironically looked more normal than the first one I stayed in after leaving home. I have always struggled with depressive disorder but I am also categorized as sensitive; I have dreams and premonitions that come true, and I am also frequently able to feel when a relative or a very close friend is messaging me even before their text arrives. I think this is why I had so many experiences in this apartment, although the older I’ve gotten, the more experiences I’m having in general.

In 2015 I lived in a one-bedroom apartment with a roommate. We liked the place pretty well, especially after carpeting was installed. The building is kept (externally) in good condition, the rooms were comfortable with white walls and college-student furniture, and we were excited to have a balcony. I even found the living area (my room) pretty in the sunset.

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