I’ve Been Followed by an Invisible Hand

By DasMauie

I submitted a story here a couple of days ago and I thought I could submit this one also. I was a bit hesitant at first because I had thought about telling the internet myself, but I realized that this would be the best way to share my biggest experience yet.

This began when I was a little girl. My mother’s friend was a security guard and one day, she brought me a list of those codes they use to communicate different situations without making the public panic, and I invented a game where I would knock the different numbers on the wall and it would mean something to the imaginary monster in the wall of my bedroom. I played this with a friend of mine for some time, and then we went into a place my family called ”The Secret Bedroom” which is basically a room on the second floor that was all the front house in length, connecting my parent’s bedroom on one side to my brother’s bedroom on the other side. Read More

The Demon Goat

By Fred Derf

This story took place in the mountain ranges of Sinaloa, Mexico. This happened to my grandpa and he says this event will always haunt him. Back in 1970 my grandpa lived in a small ranch which is one of many surrounding the City of Culiacan, Sinaloa.

These ranches are located in the mountain ranges miles from the city, it would take about an hour and a half to reach the ranch my grandpa lived on. His ranch had around ten houses with around twenty five people living there.These houses only consisted of one room and were fairly small made from cement, aluminum roofs, and two small windows. Living so far away from anyone else, from any help, people had to sometimes defend for themselves, from thieves and sometimes wild animals. Read More

Beauty and the Paranormal

By DaringDarling

She looked over at me as I twirled my pencil. I had just finished my hyper realistic drawing of what my father only described as my great grandfather. I have never met him, which was the weird part to him. I am seventeen and I am in shape, as most of my friends call too much muscle. I shivered as a gust of wind, ran through my hair. I turned opened up the game called Smite. I smiled as I saw my character Hel. She’s been my favorite for a while.

There was a knock at my bedroom door. “Come in,” I said still focusing on my game. My dad came in looking at me with a raised eyebrow. He turned to look at the man that I had drawn just moments before. His eyes grew wide as I said something to the affect of ‘come on. I am the best player in this game!’ He tapped my shoulder, he looked at me with a surprised expression. I shrug and he put it down still bewildered. He walked back out and I continue to smile. Read More

My Dreams are Real

By Medievalwarfare

Three weeks ago I wrote a story that I titled, “The Touch.” In that story I intentionally left out many parts that I thought would be too confusing or incomprehensible to most people. Yet I had a feeling that it was time someone heard this story. That is why I am continuing from where I left off and explaining why I really am not a normal person.

Ever since I was born, I had an ability I can only describe as “magical.” Anything I dream can come to life. At first I thought I was dreaming as usual, but it seemed weird. It would happen like this: I would think of someone and give them characteristics as if I was making characters for a book, then they would play around in my dreams as if they were, but here’s the kicker. During the day I can swear I can hear their voices in my head as I carry on with my day. Read More

Matt – The Person Who Saved Me from a Murderer

By DaringDarling

I shook in fear as I was getting ready for prom. At this time it was about a year ago, and fifteen at the time. I looked over at the realistic drawings of myself as a full grown woman and the children I would have and a man named Matt, I had began to draw him a while ago, but I met a boy who looked and sounded like the boy in my dreams.

I looked at myself, I was in my black slimming dress. There was a knock at my door and my dad opened it just as I finished my makeup. Tears ran down his face, he almost crushed me in a huge bear-like hug. I pushed myself away from him to get a breath. That’s when I could hear the sound of the doorbell and I rushed over to it and saw Matt in front of me. Read More