5 CREEPY Unknown Creature Sightings

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Dangerous animals, unknown animals, haunted the forest.
Step into the woods and lets see what strange creatures show up!
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The Unexpected

My friends and family call me MJ. For spring break I went to Ocala, Florida. It took me, my sister, and my mom 5 hours to get their.

Ocala is in the country so there’s a lot of tree’s and and animal’s. As we where pulling up to my Nana’s house, I saw a black shadowy figure run into the woods, I didn’t pay much mind to it because I had woke up from a deep sleep.

Yellow Eyed Creature

Hi! You can call me Travis. This story takes place over a length of two days.

It was a late night me and someone I was friends with, you can call him Cody, we were driving around in his Dodge Cummins We were just driving around listening to music and I saw something weird so I yelled for him to stop. So he did and that’s when we saw it, it had what looked like yellow eyes and they were popping out from over by the pond that was just past the fence than ran down the side of the road. I asked him what he thought it was? He said they look like eyes of some sort.

So we grabbed the spot light and pointed the bright beam of light at it. All we saw was a dark mass with yellow eyes disappear behind a big broken tree or a bush that we couldn’t see so well.

Creature From the Dunes

This story starts with me, my brother, who we’ll call James, and my cousin, who we’ll call Sam.

Sam was staying two weeks with us because his parents were going to visit some family. We were all exited cause it was a whole two weeks to hang out and have fun. So, about two days in our new dogs find this dead raccoon close to the road. We all think its road kill until we flip it over with a stick and find bits of it missing. Its not uncommon to find things like that because there were coyotes and wolves where we lived, but the thing that bothered us most was the raccoons are usually close to where the dunes are so we don’t ever really see them here.

We shake it off and keep on messing around. Its now Thursday and its been two days since we found the raccoon. We’re riding our 4 wheeler when James sees something in the ditch. Its one of our neighbor’s chickens and its throat was torn out. We throw it in the trash and tell our dad. He immediately thinks that our dogs did it. Sam said no and that they were with us all night. “Then we better clean it up so predators don’t come closer”,he said.

The Thing In The Woods

So this happened a couple of years ago when I lived in the middle of the woods in an old house. Everything was fine for a couple of years until one night my dog Bonnie started barking at the window. At first I thought nothing of it until she started growling and barking aggressively then I got a little frightened. Then after,  maybe 30-40 minutes, I looked out the window.

What I saw terrified me.  There was a little girl in a white shirt with long black hair and glowing yellow eyes.

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